I'm jumping up and down because a friend shared with me some of the best information I've ever received via social media yesterday. There is now a Harry Potter-themed cruise!

It's pretty obvious that I love Harry Potter. I wouldn't say I'm a crazy super-fan, but I really enjoy it. When I was younger, I was even more into it, but it will forever hold a special place in my heart. There's so many important themes in the Harry Potter series that will forever be relevant to life.

Anyway, VivaLifestyleandTravel.com reported that Barge Lady Cruises now has a Harry Potter-themed cruise you can take! It's a one-week vacation with stops at so many memorable places from the films that sails this month!

I wish I would've known about this sooner, but the pitfall of the experience is that it costs over $4k to set sail. Definitely can't make that happen, but if Barge schedules another for next summer, excuse the social media spam now. That's over a year's notice, so consider this fair warning.

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