This particularly unfortunate news for people who are actively attempting to clean up their diets at the moment. Sorry to be the bearer of bad, albeit scary news, but someone's got to do it.

If you suddenly get a giant whiff of cucumber scent in your home, but you're not in the middle of chopping any up for a salad at that time, you need to grab you cell, your kids, and your pets (if they're around you), and get out of there ASAP.

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That is, if you don't want to encounter an angry snake.

Photo by Joran Quinten on Unsplash
Photo by Joran Quinten on Unsplash

Here in New Jersey, we only have two species of venomous snakes to worry about.

🐍 The Northern Copperhead

🐍 The Timber Rattlesnake

What happens when it starts to get cold? Well, snakes look for somewhere to go to wait out the weather. They tend to make nests for their babies. A lot of the time, they'll build inside a garage, a basement, or somewhere it's cool and dark. They don't usually leave until they're good and ready, either. So, you might want to know the warning signs that you have some unwanted roommates.

If you smell cucumbers, it could be a sign that there are snakes living somewhere in your house. Multiple sources report that could be a snake dying due to the chemical excreted from their glands at that time. They might also be either hibernating or on high alert about something. Either way, if you start to smell that scent out of nowhere, make sure you know the number for the nearest animal control.

The last thing you want to do is to come in contact with either of these species of snakes here in the Garden State.

I apologize if you can never look at cucumbers the same way again.

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