Singer-songwriter Jason Isbell is mad at Dierks Bentley — really mad. Twang Nation first spotted the Muscle Shoals, Ala. artist ranting and raving via his Twitter page, accusing Bentley of plagiarizing his song ‘In a Razor Town’ to create the chart-topper ‘Home,’ and he doesn’t seem prepared to back down any time soon.

“‘Dierks’ has officially ripped off my song ‘In A Razor Town.’ Dierks is a d—–bag,” Isbell tweeted on Friday, later clarifying for his followers that “the song of Dierks is called ‘Home.’”

‘Home,’ which has peaked at No. 13 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart, is the second single from Bentley’s forthcoming album with the same name, and a co-write with Brett Beavers and Dan Wilson, with whom Isbell is familiar.

After much back and forth with his fans, Isbell later tweeted to directly accuse Bentley of the theft, rather than the other two credited writers on the track. “I love @DanWilsonMusic’s songwriting, but I bet he’s never heard my song. I bet Dierks brought that idea to the table and Dan ran with it,” he said. “I have had too much stolen lately. Not gonna let this slide.”

Bentley apparently caught wind that his name was being dragged through the mud and started sending messages to the singer-songwriter, blowing off his accusations. “is that what you “bet” happened? that’s how you imagine it? #fantasyworld #getoveryourself,” Bentley asked, adding later, “JUST IN: “Nashville and LA songwriters running out of ideas..rushing to steal jason songs!”

On Sunday, however, Isbell’s fury ceased until things get cleared up. “I officially “can’t talk about it right now.” We’ll see what pans out,” he said.

While we wait for the truth to prevail, all we can do is speculate and have a listen to the two tracks, available below, to compare.

Listen to Jason Isbell’s ‘In a Razor Town’

Listen to Dierks Bentley’s ‘Home’

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