Everyone thinks it's all fun and games combined with endless snuggles and love when you adopt a pet.

While all that is sure to come with the territory if you add a well-mannered and good-tempered pup to your family, that doesn't mean pet ownership doesn't come with it's own nice little dose of reality pie. Sure, owning a pet isn't the same as having children (tell that to my heart), but it does come with its own set of responsibilities.

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Unless you're able to adopt a specific breed of dog that doesn't need much activity, you're going to have to make some lifestyle changes. For one, you'll definitely need to make sure you have a place big enough for your breed. You'll also need to make sure your dog's getting the stimulation it needs to not go crazy.

If you live in a condo like me, that might mean taking your dog (or dogs) for multiple walks per day. I take mine on a walk and throw in a trip to the dog park or two. That means I always need to carry around doggy bags.

You know what I'm referring to, right? When my dogs are out on their walk(s), nine times out of ten, there will be at least one poo.

The right thing to do is pick up after your own animal. I can't even believe I have to say that, but since there are some people who apparently don't know that's common etiquette when walking their own pups, I figured I'd state it so there's no confusion.

According to a Facebook group dedicated to Deptford Township in Gloucester County, there are some neighborhoods in which people struggle to grasp that concept. What could possibly be considered even worse is when certain dog owners are chucking the bags full of dog doodoo onto random people's lawns. Multiple complaints have been aired out in that Facebook group regarding this exact issue.

Is it really that hard to pick up after your own dog? If it is, you're probably not cut out to be a dog parent. To see the conversation for yourself, click HERE.

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