As I'm sure you've heard by now, the Center for Disease Control has issued a statement saying that all those vaccinated don't have to worry about masking up anymore.

While the latest CDC update has people overjoyed (just check social media), that doesn't mean life for us here in New Jersey is expected to return to normal anytime soon.

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"But Jahna, why would you say that? We were just given the 'OK' by the head honchos." Yes, we were given the green light by the CDC, however, that update doesn't overrule any state mandates. Translation: since Governor Murphy hasn't given the 'ok' to ditch the masks, don't throw them out any time soon.

We're all itching for a sense of the normalcy we once knew, however, I doubt that will ever fully see that. For one, even if mask mandates were lifted, there will still be people, like the immunocompromised, who will still choose to wear them as an extra level of protection even if they're fully vaccinated. So, to even have a mask mandate in the first place is a bit pointless since people on either side of the fence will do what they want to do anyway.

You've also got to keep in mind that private businesses also have the right to a mask policy, as well. Even if Murphy lifts the restriction, there's a chance certain businesses will still require them for entry.

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