Geraldo Rivera won't be there, but it should be pretty exciting nevertheless.

A time capsule is due to be opened in Galloway Township on Saturday.

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Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash
Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

The time capsule was found in the ruins of a historic house

The time capsule was recovered when an old house was recently torn down on Motts Creek Road in Galloway.

According to posts on the Historic Galloway Facebook page, the time capsule was removed this past Monday from the ruins of the old Adrian Phillips house. The house was torn down by J.R.Contracting.

According to Sarah Snow, the green box was salvaged from a big pile of rubble.

Photo by Ana Municio on Unsplash
Photo by Ana Municio on Unsplash

Time capsule to be opened Saturday

The Facebook post reveals that the time capsule will be opened on Saturday, with at least some of the Phillips family present.

Other posts on the Facebook page seem to indicate that some family members knew the box was on the property, and that's how the recovery came to happen.

It's believed the time capsule is from the 1960s.

2018 Miss America Competition - Show
Michael Loccisano

Who was Adrian Phillips?

We could be wrong, but we assume the Adrian Phillips house belonged to the Adrian Phillips for which the Adrian Phillips Ballroom at Atlantic City's Boardwalk Hall is named.

Wikipedia says Adrian Phillips was a "pageant official", meaning the Miss America pageant.

SOURCE: Facebook

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