Foot issues are so common, I think most of us know someone who struggles with pain, swelling, nerve damage, or just general discomfort.

Whatever the issue, foot conditions can quickly go from small concerns to painful problems that interfere with daily life and the activities you enjoy the most. You've probably heard me talking about Dr. Jim Williamson of Feet First Podiatry in Galloway, and I'm more aware than I used to be of these signs you shouldn't ignore:

1) When a thick callus, bunion, ingrown toenail or another issue doesn't resolve on its own. There are several over-the-counter remedies for these issues, but if home care isn't working, you'll want to see a specialist like a podiatrist to take care of it.

2) When an athlete experiences foot and ankle pain. Sports and fitness can put a lot of strain on feet and ankles, so a podiatrist can find the cause of pain and help minimize it in the future, according to WebMD.

3) When diabetes might be causing complications. As WebMD explains, diabetes can damage the nerves in your feet or legs and affect blood flow. A podiatrist can help prevent you from becoming one of the 65,000 diabetics who have a foot amputated each year.

4) When your toenails are thick or discolored. Don't just cover them up! See how a podiatrist can help you.

5) When you experience arthritis or heel pain. Some people might not realize that a podiatrist can help with arthritis or plantar fasciitis, but they can help you with custom orthotics and more advanced treatments, if needed.

Dr. Jim has the experience and background to help you and your feet — here comes a foot pun — put your best step forward. He believes in taking a personal approach with each client, working to improve overall wellness and ensuring each patient understands their condition and treatment. He can treat warts, hammertoes, bunions, corns, plantar fasciitis, Achilles' tendonitis, neuropathy, and flat feet. He also can assist with wound care and Treace Lapiplasty, an innovative bunion correction.

You don't need a special referral or anything. Just give his office a call at (609) 568-5120 or visit to request an appointment today. The soon you call, the sooner you can start feeling better!

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