We here a lot of great ideas for the grill and can't wait to try them during this long anticipated Jersey shore summer it's going to be awesome.

That is of course unless you make the mistake of falling into any of these 'grilling don'ts" according to Eat This, Not That. And some of these don'ts aren't just for bad tasting or unhealthy reasons. Some of them are actually safety hazards.

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So let's make sure we do a lot of do's and don't do a lot of don'ts here at the Jersey shore this summer. Take a peek at the don't's list...

Here are the items you should never put on the grill.

The Foods You Should Never Grill

I'm pretty sure steak, burgers and shrimp are going to hit your grill at some point this summer. It wouldn't be Jersey Shore summer without them. but at least we now have a little more insight on how to do it the right way.

Happy summer!

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