Let me just start off by stating my personal experience...

As someone who suffers from asthma, I can tell you first hand that masks have been rough for those of us that already find it hard to breathe. Is it unbearable for me? No, it's not. Was I able to make it through my daily errands wearing one? I sure was. For me personally, I will even still be wearing one in certain scenarios even now that New Jersey's mandate has been lifted. I, however, know for a fact that those who suffer from asthma worse than me found the last year extremely difficult.

It sounds like a former employee from a Cumberland County Walgreens might have been one of them. According to new reports, a woman who was formerly a pharmacy technician at the Walgreens in Bridgeton is reportedly suing them for not allowing her to wear a cloth mask to make it easier on her breathing problems.

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NJ.com reports that the employee suffers from asthma and attempted to make multiple arrangements to comply with the mask mandates in place, including wearing a cloth one rather than a disposable, in an attempt to please all parties. The disposable masks that were required by the retailer, according to NJ.com, negatively impacted her asthma. So, she provided documentation and even signed paperwork that should have given her permission to wear the cloth masks while doing her job. That worked for a while until it came time for her to have to extend those permissions back in July since we were still in the height of the pandemic.

Permission wasn't granted for the employee to continue wearing the cloth masks; she was apparently given no choice but to wear the disposables. She eventually was fired, the suit says, for failing to comply. Now, the Bridgeton Walgreens as well as many of the former employee's higher-ups are facing court as a result.

You can get all the information known about the lawsuit so far HERE.

Source: NJ.com

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