The Band Perry have cleared up a few rumors and corrected a few flat-out mistruths about their music and their future on country radio. During an interview with Taste of Country Kimberly, Neil and Reid opened up about their dual record label deals, themes on their upcoming album and songs on what was Heart + Beat.

Find highlights below, including why the trio decided to delete all social media posts on Twitter and Instagram. The Band Perry's "Comeback Kid" was released to radio earlier this month. The siblings say the song is both a personal response and a song of encouragement for their fans.

A Third of Heart + Beat Remains
They didn’t ditch everything they were working on prior to splitting with Big Machine Label Group. About one-third of the songs they’d recorded for an album finished nearly a year ago will make this new project.

“An album is such a snapshot in time,” Kimberly Perry says, “and so much has happened since last November so it just felt like we needed to keep writing.” “Comeback Kid” is obviously one of the new songs, written as a response to rumors and criticisms in the wake of their BMLG breakup.

The New Album Has a Theme
The Band Perry have always chosen umbrella words that most songs on a new album fit beneath. Onstage visuals and choreography also reflect these themes. For the new album, the trio are all about unity or “togetherness.” Neil Perry reveals that through all of their recent trials, they’ve grown even closer.

“We like our visuals to represent that, hence Kimberly becoming brunette,” he says. “In the photo of the single color, we’re all holding hands. So we wanted to show a sense of unity and togetherness and that is probably a key theme.”

Expect another somewhat biographical song discusses sibling advice and whether a current relationship will work or not. “Which we know all about” Neil says as Kimberly smiles and Reid shrugs.

“This song says ‘I don’t care what your advice is, I wanna do what I wanna do,’” Kimberly explains enthusiastically. They did not share the song’s title.

So, About That Hair ...
The blonde Kim Perry is now a brunette. She surprised her husband with the new look. He received a warning text, but without much time to prepare, she revealed herself. His reaction? We'll let her tell you:

Deleting Instagram Photos Is a PITA
It was Neil’s idea to purge the group's social media accounts. They wanted to reset everything and come out clean (hence the mostly white outfits). As it turns out, you can’t mass delete Instagram photos with the push of a button like you can on Twitter.

“We had to delete 1,200 picture individually. I was up for four hours doing that,” Neil admits.

“People thought accounts were getting hacked and things were going down,” Reid adds. “It was fun.”

Nope, They Aren't "Transitioning to Pop"
That was the story Billboard reported after the group signed with Interscope Records, which is a pop, rock and hip-hop label. The Band Perry stayed silent as their story was told for them in the media. “Comeback Kid” is a veiled response, but the trio got more specific when talking to Taste of Country in the video below:

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