In an interview held in conjunction with his 'Live From Las Vegas' concert, which aired on CBS on Friday (Nov. 29), beloved country icon Garth Brooks took questions from fans, which he answered honestly and with the type of sincere forthrightness not normally demonstrated in a superstar of his stature.

Brooks opened about the possibility of performing with wife Trisha Yearwood in the future, plus which country stars of today have impressed him.

"She's wonderful in any kind of room with no help whatsoever, so I would like to see that, too, as much as you would," the legend remarks asked if he would do a concert or a tour with just himself and Yearwood.

Brooks also mused on working in the same industry as his wife, saying the "ups are extremely ups and the fights are extremely fights." Artists are protective of their art, which is natural, even if they are wed.

While the couple also understands what the other is going through, it's still competitive. "She is up for awards and you really want her to win 'em, and when she does, you're thankful, and then all the sudden, you're jealous," Brooks jokes.

The singer also expressed that he feels that songwriters need to be at the top of the paradigm, but in the digital day and age, they are falling lower and lower in the food chain, and we need to fix that. He says Keith Urban is a "beautiful kid, inside and out," praising the star's talents.

He also espoused his love for one female singer in particular. "For the first time ever, I might have ran into a singer that has no top on her and that's Kelly Clarkson," Brooks insists. "She never seems to have a ceiling that she goes to. The talent is getting bigger and better."

And of course there are Georges. George Strait is the reason Brooks plays country music, the singer says, adding that George Jones had the best country music voice ever, male or female.

While he's hinted at a possible tour either on his own or with his wife, right now, Brooks is enjoying his downtime. He shared that he and Yearwood will make Christmas last three months with decor, and that he'd like to be Mr. Yearwood in 50 years. The whole interview is here, so take a peek to find out more details from Brooks himself.

The full 'Garth Brooks Live From Las Vegas' concert is viewable here. Wearing a black baseball cap, a black hoodie, jeans, a headset mic and armed with an acoustic guitar, Brooks took the stage at the Wynn with lots of manic energy. The 90-minute show allows viewers to pretend like Garth Brooks is performing for them in the comforts of their own living room.

As if that's not enough, also available now is Garth Brooks' new boxed set, ‘Blame It All on My Roots: Five Decades of Influences.'