There's no doubt we've seen better days here in the Garden State when it comes to our pocketbooks. Things have certainly been tight lately. I went to buy eggs the other day and can't believe they're going for over $4 a dozen right now.

Times are tough, there's no denying that.

They could get even tougher as we dive head-first into the holiday season. No doubt, people will be pinching pennies this year. With that being said, it's safe to say that people probably won't be traveling as much during the holidays as they have in years past. Gas is just too expensive!

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Here in the Garden State, it's nice to be able to say that we've gotten a bit of a break from the gas prices being over $4 per gallon like we saw during the summer of 2022. It's important to note, however, that it's all about supply and demand. New Jersey residents are usually on-the-go a lot more during the summer months. Since the start of fall, people haven't been driving as much as they were during the summer.

Looking forward, should we plan on having to spend more at the pump than we are right now? Are gas prices predicted to rise here in the Garden State around the holidays? Luckily enough, the experts say we shouldn't expect a huge spike in prices over the next few weeks. According to, New Jersey's average cost of gas per gallon is currently below the national average. That's wild to hear, huh? Usually, we're the opposite.

Apparently, with several refineries in the northeast opening back up, this region, NJ included, will see higher-than-normal gas inventories over the next few weeks. That should keep the cost lower than we've seen in recent months, especially when you consider people are predicted to be staying put this holiday season.

That's some good news, right? No major increases at the pumps predicted within the immediate future. Take a breath, NJ drivers!

Check out the experts' complete gas price breakdown HERE.


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