I've only ever seen 1 scary movie in my life: Paranormal Activity.

Needless to say I watched the entire movie through the safety of my fingers over my eyeballs.

As much as I am a wimp... There's something about real life paranormal activity that intrigues me.

So for this High School in Ireland, this isn't the first time a ghost has made an appearance in their halls.

Allegedly, the school has lost several "caretakers" or janitors, because of the hauntings that happen at night at Deerpark C.B.S. high school.

And I don't blame them! Who else can explain the flying doors, shaking lockers, thrown notebooks, and kicked wet floor sign--with not ONE visible being in this now viral video.

Conveniently enough, this video was captured by the schools security camera on the first day of the Spooky Holiday month. What a way to kick off October, right?


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