They say do what makes you happy. For Amanda Teague of Ireland, her happiness was marrying a pirate ghost. Yes, Amanda Teague got married to a ghost of a pirate that is 300-years-old. They do say age is just a number.

Teague is a mother of five, had been previously married for 6 years, 45-years-old, lives in Northern Ireland, and is a Jack Sparrow impersonator. She met her soulmate, excuse the pun, back in 2014 while lying in bed. The ghost's name is Jack, ironic, and he was a Haitian pirate in the 18th century. According to Teague, he was left at the alter and was executed for theft. So these two lonely souls found each other despite the odds.

She spent months communicating with Jack and over those months she developed romantic feelings for the spirit. Teague told People Magazine, "I was horrified to discover I had romantic feelings for him, having never heard of that before." Spectrophilia, is the sexual attraction to spirits which can be found in folklore around the world.

The relationship between Teague and Jack grew and she would take long drives with her love. Although she has never seen Jack, she told the magazine he looks like Bob Marley. The relationship grew further and formed into an intimate one. She explained that since they look their relationship to the next level she felt that she must marry Jack. She told People, "I knew from my research that spiritual marriage was a thing, so it was more me that wanted to get married than him..."

Her soulmate proposed to her and the pair got married on a ship in international waters. Teague's family and friends attended to wedding, which was legal since it was in international waters. She used a candle to represent Jack, which she placed his wedding ring on. A medium performed the ceremony. They did have a first dance and jumped the broom.

She wants to use her marriage to encourage others saying, "I hope by me coming out, it will encourage others to not feel alone or afraid."

Teague did file a marriage certificate and puts on documents that she is married.

Watch Teague explain her relationship to an ITV gossip program:


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