No doubt, the pandemic has caused people to do a complete overhaul on behaviors they formerly wouldn't have given a second thought to.

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Think about it. When someone coughed into their elbow at the grocery store in 2019, would you have bat an eye? Probably not. Fast forward to now, however, and if someone so much as sniffles in front of you in line at Wawa, you can't help but give them slight side-eye.

There are soo many behaviors we used engage in that have basically become taboo at this point thanks to COVID-19. It's hard to not feel a twinge of anxiety just simply touching a door knob to enter a store, let alone dig through a bunch of groceries on the shelf that you know have been touched by a countless number of people before you.

Needless to say, there are a few specific behaviors people most definitely don't plan on ever doing again once life gets back to normal. A new survey by Vision Direct lists some of the main actions you won't find ANYONE doing post-pandemic.

  1.    Sharing lipstick or chapstick
  2.    Eat after someone else
  3.    Use make-up samples at counters, Sephora, or MAC
  4.    Have a make-out session with a random stranger at a bar
  5.    Borrow something else' bathing suit (Although, have to be honest, don't know why you'd do that now, truth be told.)
  6.    Use another’s make up
  7.    Stand super close to people in line
  8.    Be caught without hand sanitizer
  9.    Share bar food like pretzels or peanuts
  10.    Use another person's deodorant.

After examining the list above, I can't say that I disagree with any of them. Life will definitely look different even when things do return to whatever will be the new normal. I know one thing for certain, I'm DEFINITELY not going to start borrowing someone's bathing suit. Never have, never will.

Source: VisionDirect.Co.UK


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