Last night, while flipping channels during the Eagles game, I stumbled upon a new-to-me reality show on E!.  It's called 'Married to Jonas.'

I love reality TV.  It's ok, you can make fun of me.  I don't mind.

Last night was my first time watching 'Married to Jonas.'  And I must say, I really liked it!  It's about Kevin Jonas and his wife Dani.  Kevin Jonas of the Jonas Brothers fame and Dani, well, of New Jersey.

The best part of the show is Dani.  She's the girl next door.  She seems like a girl I want to be friends with.  She's vulnerable with her husband's fame, but she handles it well.  She has a strong Italian family that's fun to watch.

And they live in New Jersey!  Any reality show that showcases New Jersey in a nice light is A-OK by me!  They live in Denville, Morris County.

With all the reality shows in New Jersey that highlight all the crazies that live in the Garden Sate, this new show is refreshing.

Watch it and enjoy.  'Married To Jonas' comes on Sundays at 10pm on E!


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