Hayden Panetierre plays Julliette Barnes on the TV show "Nashville."  She really sings (and plays the guitar...) on the show, so with the show's success, of course she's going to put out some of the music! Here's my take on 'Telescope'...

Panetierre plays a snotty, pop-country star on the show.  But one has to admit that her songs are catchy and she's cute.  Everyone loves that.  It's ok to admit it....

And her song 'Telescope' proves that pop-country is in full force in the country world right now.  It's catchy, it's fun and once you hear it, you won't be able to get it out of your head.  That's a quality any singer wants in a song.

"You can't hide from me / There ain't no tricks that you can try on me / I know your every move before you even breath baby / Thinkin' you know something I don't know / But my eyes, my eyes are like a telescope"

You can't help but tap your toes to the beat...  Even if you don't like the whole pop-country thing.

Listen for yourself -

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