If you're hosting the big Super Bowl get-together on Sunday, you may want to implement a cover charge. It can be an expensive evening.

We took a trip to a Monmouth County supermarket to price the food and drink you may need to satisfy a party of 10, from appetizers to dessert.

To keep things simple, we used store brand prices on most items. Avoiding the popular brands can help you save some dough.

The biggest expenses are the main attractions - wings, sandwiches and beer.


  • 30-pack of lite beer - $21.99
  • 3-foot Italian sub (or hoagie or hero - whatever makes you happy) - $49.99
  • Buffalo wings platter - $35.99
  • Potato chips - $4
  • Dip - $3
  • Tortilla chips - $5
  • Salsa - $3
  • Bottled water - $2.99
  • Bottles of soda - $6
  • Cookies - $2.99
  • Brownie mix - $1.89 (plus necessary ingredients)

The total comes to $136.84, and that doesn't include any paper goods and decorations you may need to purchase as well.

So how do you keep the costs down? One way is to buy store brand products. You can also ask friends and family who plan to attend to bring various food items or beverages. And when all else fails...perhaps a cover charge?

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