So every year, I grab Wife Karin's credit card and go on-line to get tickets for the Super Bowl. They've always exceeded her credit card limit, so I thought I'd try again this year...

Yeeeaaaahhhhh...looks like I'll be watching the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots from my living room this year in Super Bowl LI.


So, not counting any tax or pick-up fees, a family of four (for darned good seats I must say) will go for a pre-tax price of $30,000.00 on!!

Then we have to factor in airfare and hotel with

I had to book a flight out of Newark, NJ because there were no seats available out of Atlantic City or Philadelphia. Ugh.

OOOOOooookkkk...that comes to a total of $36,079.97 for a family of 4 to stay 1 night and go to the Super Bowl. Obviously this does NOT include food, BEER, swag, and tips which I would conservatively estimate at about another $500.

We're talking grand total: $36,579.97!

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