It's Pi (π) Day!

Get it? Ok for all my non-math nerds out there; It's March 14th aka 3.14 aka the circumference of a circle aka π=Pi hence, Pi Day! When I was a kid, Pi day was a day that the teachers encouraged us to bring in something yummy and circular. Whether that be an actual pie or even a bagel, my go-to was always the cookie cake...which is why I nostalgically brought in a cookie cake with the Pi Symbol on it into work today.

But in all seriousness, half the people I work with were like "okay, what the heck is Pi day and why did you get to celebrate it in school as a kid? I never did." Though the concept is unfathomable to me, maybe this is a tradition that isn't supposed to continue past elementary school. Am I being too immature/ nostalgic here? Is Pi Day a thing in the adult world? What even is an adult?! Take our poll and let me know if you think Pi Day is a thing:

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