Cat Country 107.3 has a user-friendly version of NJ Stormwatch, the program used by schools, businesses and organizations to post cancellations and delays online during severe weather.

As the Coronavirus spreads, it's important to get information quickly. Here's how you can report your school, organization or business closings/cancellations.

Here's a Q & A on how your school or organization can participate.

Q. We are already registered at What do we need to do in order to report our cancellations and delays this winter?

A. If you're a registered user, you will soon receive an email at the address you've had on file with us. It will include complete instructions and a new password. Please make sure your email box will accept email from

Q. What if we don't receive an email? 

A. Check your email account's junk mail or spam folder. If you don't find an email from us there, phone our NJ Stormwatch administrator, Dan Alexander at 609-359-5358.

Q. We haven't been registered in NJ Stormwatch. How do we sign up now?

A. Use the form below and we will contact you directly.


Q. Does it cost anything to participate?

A. No. This is a free service designed for use by all New Jersey public and private schools, day cares, houses of worship, government agencies -- any organization with a need to alert people about weather-related closings, cancellations or delays.

Q. We are registered but have had a change in personnel. How do we make sure the new person will be able to submit our cancellations and delays to NJ Stormwatch?

A. You can report the change to us on the form below and we will contact you directly. Or you can phone Dan Alexander at 609-359-5358.

Q. Will our old password still work?

A. No, all passwords are being changed as part of the site update. Please disregard any old log-in information you may have been using.

Q. The person who used to report our closings to NJ Stormwatch is no longer here and we're not sure of the password or other log-in information.

A. Phone Dan Alexander at 609-359-5358. He will look up your organization's registration information and help you update it. All passwords have changed, so you will not need to recover your old one.

Q. After we receive our log-in instructions and password, will we be able to send a test report? 

A. Yes.

Q. How will we know whether our test report was received?

A. Once you've clicked on "SUBMIT," you should be able to go to our closings page and see the test closing you've entered.

I went through all the steps and I don’t see my organization. What do I do?

Send an email to and Dan will check the status.

Q. What if we report a delayed opening and then decide to close for the day? Will we be able to update our report?

A. Yes, you will be able to log in again to make that change.

Q. How do we arrange for each of our individual schools, offices or locations to have their respective cancellations, closings and delays listed?

A. They can each be registered separately so that information specific to them can always be listed on our site.

Q. Can cancellations and delays be phoned into NJ Stormwatch?

A. No, NJ Stormwatch is an online-only program. We are not able to accept phoned-in information on weather-related closings and delayed openings

Q. What if there’s no power or I lose my internet connection?

You'll be able to access NJ Stormwatch via mobile devices, like smart phones and tablets. But it's also a good idea for you to have several people authorized to log in to NJ Stormwatch on your behalf.

Q. How will your station's website users find our cancellations and delays?

A. The homepage of Cat Country 107.3 will be pointing to all listed closings whenever we have a severe weather event.

Q. Are the closings read on the air by Cat Country 107.3?

A. No, the list is often too long to read in its entirety. Putting in online allows people to conveniently check it at any time, using computers, smart phones or tablets.

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