Hunter Hayes is one cute little fella!  And he's got a new song out, 'Somebody's Heartbreak.'  It won Cat Fight Monday night.

I'm a big fan of Hunter Hayes and this song continues to prove that he's well on his way to becoming a huge star.  I can't mention it enough that this kid (he's a youngin'!) plays multiple instruments and writes his own songs!  That's so important to me.

His new song, 'Somebody's Heartbreak' sounds like Hunter took some influence from Jason Mraz or John Mayer.  It's a sweet song with lyrics like,

"if you're gonna be somebody's heartbreak / if you're gonna be somebody's mistake / if you're gonna be somebody's first time, somebody's last time, baby be mine"

My dear Hunter, I'm sure there are plenty of young ladies just waiting to be your first heartbreak....

It's a good song with a pop-ish melody.  It's catchy.  Listen to Hunter Hayes 'Somebody's Heartbreak' here.

Also listen to my interview with Hunter Hayes from last year when he was on tour with Rascal Flatts.

Hunter is currently on tour with Carrie Underwood and his live EP came out today!  Here's the song list -

‘Hunter Hayes: Live’ Track Listing:
1. ‘Storm Warning’
2. ‘Wanted’
3. ‘Somebody’s Heartbreak’
4. ‘More Than I Should’
5. Love Makes Me’