It got real real fast.

In the past week,  I learned that three family members were sick with Coronavirus-like symptoms. Now, one has tested positive.

I want to protect the privacy of these family members, so I'll identify them as follows: Bob, Laura, and Joan - not their real names.

All three are in another state, and all three are older,  over the age of 75.

Bob and Laura were visiting Joan when all three became ill - with mostly cold like symptoms last week. Bob was the worst.... and eventually an ambulance was called to take Bob to the hospital.

When the ambulance arrived at the house where they are staying, the ambulance personnel would not enter the house - Bob had to walk out himself.

I should mention Bob is the oldest of the three - in his early 80s, and has always been very active and fit. He was taken to the hospital, tested for the virus and admitted. It took 3 full days, but Bob just found out he tested positive. He is isolated in the hospital - no visitors whatsoever - and is being treated for double pneumonia. He's very tired and worn out, but is breathing on his own, and we're hoping for the best. The good news is that he hasn't gotten any worse since getting to the hospital four days ago.

The other two, Laura and Joan, are at the house, more or less quarantined. Both show signs of a cold... along with a big loss of energy. A loss of appetite is also reported.

Doctors have told them to stay put - only go to the hospital if their conditions worsen.

So, that's the story. That's how fast it can happen.

The tough part is Bob can't have any visitors, and the same with the other two, although they are in a house rather than a hospital.

So, wash your hands and take precautions.

I know you send your best thoughts and prayers to these family members, and I appreciate it.

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