If you're a fan of Google Maps - and who isn't - you probably wonder how they get the "street views" which are featured on the map site.

The views are actually made by a car - or cars - which travel around and videos lots of streets in America.

Yesterday afternoon, I was walking across the bridge from Somers Point to Ocean City when I spotted the Google Maps Car. Now, I will say that a lot of people who witness the Google Maps Car have done things in the past to call attention to themselves. Some have been famous. Some more infamous than famous.

With about three seconds of time to prepare I decided to do something memorable to be caught on video. I held up my water bottle over my head. It's all I could think of as those three seconds ticked away and the car quickly approached. Well, not very famous and not very infamous.... Hopefully, if my family ever sees it, they won't be too embarrassed.

There's no way of knowing, of course, if the car's video cameras were actually in operation, or the Google Maps Car driver just drove across the bridge to grab some Johnson's Popcorn....

I did check the Google Street View website, and they actually are in the middle of capturing street views in Atlantic, Cape May, Cumberland, and Ocean counties. So, smile, and wear your Cat Country 107.3 t-shirt today - just in case....


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