Here's an interesting one: If you choose to go on strike against your employer in New Jersey, you can collect unemployment.

"Hey, boss, I'm going on strike."

"What are you demands?"

"If you don't double my pay, I'm not working here. Well, until September, when summer's over and the kids go back to school."

I attended a local Chamber of Commerce meeting the other day, and I heard about this from a leader of the State of New Jersey Chamber of Commerce.

Crazy right?

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It's part of a new bill signed into law by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy back in August of this year.

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According to the bill allows workers to collect unemployment due to any kind of labor dispute. Governor Murphy is quoted as saying that unemployment benefits  "“should be a universal right for individuals who have recently lost their jobs, are unable to find work, or are currently in the middle of a labor dispute."

The bill went into effect immediately upon Governor Murphy's signature. It applies to all unemployment benefits filed since January 1st.


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