Unemployment is running out once again in New Jersey and our legislators are taking F O R E V E R to agree on a stimulus package so either our government officials offer another extension or we are in trouble.

Well thanks goodness because yes, New Jersey is very close to passing an 8-week extension for emergency unemployment benefits which would last until February 27th, 2021 if passed.

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And no, employers will not have to pay for this extension.

“As we were voting today, New Jersey families were being forced to choose between holiday gifts for their children and groceries or between making a car payment and paying their rent," said Sen. Dawn Addiego, D-Burlington, the bill's sponsor. "The list of hard choices these families face is right out of Dickens and goes on and on, and none of the outcomes are good for these families or for our state."

If a new stimulus package is agreed upon and passed before this extension is passed, then this unemployment extension might be put to a halt.

Just as a reminder, this is not the first unemployment extension granted by New Jersey officials but hey, this has just been that kind of year.

The CARES Act allowed for those who used up all 26 weeks of unemployment to receive an additional 13 weeks of financial assistance because of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

In addition, self-employed or freelance workers who usually wouldn't qualify for unemployment were given up to 46 weeks of benefits.

I am sorry that I don't have a more solid update. I know it must be extremely scary to know that unemployment benefits are about to run out and you don't know where your next paycheck is coming from.

But clearly, our officials are aware of a lot of residents' dire situation and are working to offer some emergency assistance.

Hold on.

For now, take a look at the original sources for this article which are at NJ.com and APP.com.

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