Listen, I know everyone is sick and tired of the quarantine and hearing about the coronavirus. While you might be totally over the social distancing mandates, closed businesses, etc., it's of the utmost importance that you're adhering to the CDC's guidelines in regards to your protective wear, especially when you're out in public.

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I was in the grocery store this week (the store will remain nameless) and I cannot tell you how many people I saw with their masks barely covering their mouths, let alone their noses. In my opinion, it's pretty ridiculous at this point that some are STILL not taking this seriously enough to wear protective gear properly in a public place.

If you are not wearing your mask up to the bridge of your nose, you might as well not be wearing a mask at all. The CDC says that in order for the mask to be fully effective, it must be worn tightly and securely. Wearing a mask that's not snug to your face isn't preventing much of anything. I understand if you're feeling overwhelmed and sick of all the precautionary measures. At this point, though, it's not even a precaution. It should be your priority.

Besides keeping your hands clean and sanitized, your very next priority should be ensuring you're giving yourself a fighting chance against the virus by taking advantage of every avenue you can to prevent yourself from becoming infected. If you're not wearing your mask correctly while in a public place, you're doing yourself an extreme disservice.

In addition, if you are, in fact, wearing your mask correctly, that doesn't serve as an insurance policy for you to fail to adhere to the social distancing mandates. The best way to protect yourself while grocery shopping or going out in public to any essential place is to wear your mask correctly, sanitize your hands OFTEN, and still maintain the recommended 6 feet of distance from anyone else.

Bottom line, make sure your mask covers all entrance points on your face sans your eyes and ears (obviously....).


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