A social media troll who tried to shade Chip Gaines by saying he didn't know who the reality TV personality was must have been surprised when the HGTV star clapped back. But don't worry — the heated exchange had a surprisingly happy ending.

The drama began when Barstool Kentucky (an affiliate of Barstool Sports) posted a photo of the Fixer Upper couple, Chip and Joanna Gaines, with a caption that said, "Keep these two away from Scott Drew for the next 48 hours."

Scott Drew is a coach at Baylor University where the former HGTV power couple are alumni.

The University of Kentucky's head coach, John Callpari, stepped down recently and lots of people are speculating that Scott Drew will take his place.

Gaines appears to be close with Drew, and the star coach's absence would be a loss for his alma mater. Gaines jokingly responded with, "yall wish" — which prompted a firestorm of responses.

"This could be a great opportunity for them too. Fixer Upper: UK Basketball Edition," one user commented.

After a snappy response from a user asking, "Who tf is Chip Gaines [laugh emoji]," the Magnolia Network owner clapped back in a joking way that drew attention.

"Do you kiss your mom with that mouth.. ask her who I am, she’ll know," Gaines retorted.

Things took a shockingly wholesome turn when the user ended up posting a screenshot of a text exchange between him and his mom. After asking his mom if she knew who Chip Gaines was, the mom said, "I think he's the one with the beautiful wife. She can decorate anything and make it beautiful!"

To that Gaines responded, "Ha.. I told you! We are sending your mom all things Magnolia," making sure to tag the brand and his assistant.

While we don't recommend starting Twitter beef with celebrities, this goes to show that sometimes heated discussions can unexpectedly turn wholesome.

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