Darryl Worley is grieving the loss of his beloved family barn, while still looking ahead to a brighter future.

The country singer updated fans on social media on Thursday (Jan. 18), after sharing the first video of his catastrophic barn fire earlier this week.

"I don't think I will get this sight out of my mind for a long time!" Worley admits, sharing a photo of himself, snapped by his wife Kimberly, as he surveys his burning barn. "I've seen other people go through things like this and I truly hurt for them. You just don't really know and understand until it happens to you. It's the worst feeling!"

From there, the singer reflects on the wild emotional ride that he's been on since the incident first occurred, including "helplessness, sadness, confusion and grief."

But through all that, Worley knows that he and his family have much to be thankful for: No lives were lost in the fire, as all of the animals who called the barn home are believed to have escaped from the blaze.

"I woke up this morning feeling thankful for all the love and support from so many, for the fact that all our animals escaped, for my family being safe and for God's love and protection!" Worley continues, adding that he's planning to get back to work and build a new barn on the property to replace the one that burned down.

"Please continue [to] keep us in your prayers and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the posts, texts, calls and prayers!" he concludes. "We will rebuild our barn and move on with God's help!"

Known best for his country music heyday in the mid-2000s — including songs like "I Miss My Friend" and the patriotic, post-9/11 smash hit, "Have You Forgotten?" — Worley has remained one of the genre's traditional-leaning stalwarts in the decades since.

In 2023, he released "Have We Forgotten?," a "Have You Forgotten?" remake that urged unity and healing in the face of bitter, modern-day political divides.

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