When it comes to raising their son Tex, Luke Combs says he and his wife Nicole are doing it on their own.

While many high-profile celebrities would enlist the help of a nanny, the "Hurricane" singer says it's on them — well, mostly Nicole.

"We don't have any help at home, so it's just me and her raising the little man. So shoutout to her for really bearing the brunt of that," Combs tells WKML. "It's just been amazing, you know being parents; it's just so great."

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The country star gushes that his son — who's now eight months old — is starting to discover his own personality, and in addition to smiling and laughing, he's about to cross the milestone of crawling.

The "Going, Going, Gone" artist is embracing his role as a dad after he and Nicole welcomed their first child on June 19, 2022. While he has expressed how being a father makes him feel like a kid again, Combs says it's made him appreciate his own parents, Chester and Rhonda Combs.

“Me and my wife talk about it all the time; you just didn’t realize how much they did for you until you do it for somebody else," he explains. "I mean me, and Nicole, we're both really lucky to have great parents; both of our parents are still married and have been for thirty-plus years.”

“You just don’t even realize how much work it is," Combs continues. "I am only eight months in, and I can’t even … I mean, it’s a whole newfound respect for what they did for you and the amount of sacrifices they made and the work that they did and the money they didn’t spend on themselves to make sure that you got what you needed, and yeah, it’s crazy.”

Tex is the first grandchild on both sides.

Fans hoping to see baby boy on the road when Combs kicks off his World Tour next month, don't hold your breath: The reigning CMA Entertainer of the Year doesn't want to throw a wrench in the gears during his son's early years of life.

"I think you need at least a year before the road thing," the singer told Country Countdown USA in July 2022. "We don't even take our dog on the road because we feel it affects his quality of life. We want to be sure we have this parenting thing down before we take it on the road."

Combs will launch his globetrotting tour March 25, with Cody Johnson and Lainey Wilson. The trek will run through Oct. 19, making stops on three continents. Just before hitting the road, he will drop his new album Gettin' Old on March 24.

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