Question. How often do you second guess yourself when writing out a word? Or better yet, how often does that red squiggly line show up under the words you do type?

In today's modern world, we're very lucky. Not only do we not have to think about misspelling a word that much, but we can count on software to catch our grammatical errors as well.

Before computers and technology became what it is today, we had to know our words before writing them. And if we were on a typewriter, it was even more important that we got it right the first time.

I know it might be hard for those in their 20s to imagine this, but at one point in time, we had to have a dictionary nearby to double-check ourselves. Not a software app, but a physical dictionary with paper pages.

Alan Crawford

Actually, how many younger people have even used a hard-cover dictionary? If you have, it probably wasn't for anything much.

And there's no problem with that, either. Much like a payphone nowadays, there's no need to have one since our phones, computers, tablets, and watches do it all for us.

Technology sure is amazing with what it can do. But does that amazing technology also make us a little bit more careless when it comes to the spelling of certain words?

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Especially everyday words that we don't think much of. I can admit that I sometimes misspell a couple of the words below. For some reason, I just trip myself up on them.

And I'm sure many of you do it too. So take a look at this list of the top 10 most misspelled words from 2023, and see how many play tricks on you as well.

It's not intentional, it just happens. Perhaps we all rely a little too much on that red squiggly line sometimes to keep us on track. Anyway, here's that list.


Most Misspelled Words In America, 2023

Most Misspelled Words In America, 2023

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