Guy Fieri from the Food Network has been a busy guy. He’s been all over the country checking out unique Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. He has graced New Jersey with his presence quite often. He has stated that there’s a place or two here in New Jersey that he loves the most.

The success that he bestows on a restaurant after his appearance is very noteworthy. People flood the location in hopes of trying the appealing dish or cuisine that was showcased on his show.

Recently we did a question and poll of New Jersey 101.5 listeners on what places here in New Jersey would you recommend and hope that Guy Fieri would make famous as part of his highly-rated show. The feedback that we received from you was great and extensive, I tried to select those places that had a special dish that warrants Guy’s appearance.

Obviously, I can’t talk about all of your choices but here are some places that Guy needs to check out, thanks to your suggestions:

Café 57

Located in Washington, NJ, Café 57 is a glorified grill that makes everything from scratch from breakfast through dinner and a killer bakery with lots of unique items that will make your mouth water. Guy would love this place.

Kitchen 87

On Washington Street in Mount Holly, NJ is Kitchen 87. They exude comfort food and make everything from scratch. Their specials are just that, special. Last Sunday they had a southwest meatloaf and chili and a fresh batch of chicken dumplings.

You had me at the meatloaf. Guy, get over there and get comfortable.

The Bearded One

On NJ Route 33 in Monroe from an established food truck comes some of the best BBQ and sides in New Jersey. What began as a hobby more than 10 years ago turned into a full-time dream for Pitmaster Chris who takes such good care of his mouth-watering customers.

The brisket chili looks great as does the meat platter sampler. Guy would have many choices at The Bearded One.


Summit Diner

The Summit Diner in Summit New Jersey is an institution. It opened in 1928 and started serving out of a railroad car in 1938. It is the epitome of the Jersey diner.

The online site Patch took the top 37 best diners here in the state and held a vote with their criteria and the results were that the famed Summit Diner was voted the best diner in New Jersey.

The Summit Diner is famous for its corned beef hash which I love and highly recommend, I get it with a couple of eggs on top. It’s very good. The other famous menu item is their Taylor Ham egg and cheese sandwich.

Don’t call that pork roll as I did once and only once in the Summit Diner. Holy hell broke out because of my mistake. At the Summit Diner, they call it Taylor Ham. I don’t care what you call it, the sandwich is outstanding. Their home fries are great, the omelets and pancakes are good. They have great diner fare.

Guy would have a field day there.


Otilia's Café

Otilia's Café on Main Street in Spotswood, NJ is a Portuguese café that thrives on serving food that has influences from around the world. I saw Piri Piri chicken as a dinner special with heavy spices.

Their grilled specials include chicken, pork and shrimp that are seasoned and ready for you to taste. While I wouldn’t classify Otilia's Café as a dive, Guy would certainly appreciate the spices and choices that are available.

Grits and Grace

On Atlantic City Blvd in Bayville sits an awesome breakfast and lunch place that was rated highly by our listeners. I went on to their website and now I am hooked and need to make a trip to Grits and Grace.

They have homemade specials, benedicts, which I love, pancakes stacked with amazing additions, and they exude comfort. This family-owned restaurant is just what Guy would appreciate, and so would I.

Krug’s Tavern

If you want a no-frills down to earth neighborhood tavern in Newark, NJ that’s been operating since 1932 and now owned by the LaMotta family, of the famed Jake LaMotta Middleweight boxer that was portrayed in the movie “Raging Bull” by Robert DeNiro.

Krug’s was voted the best burger in New Jersey. There are no exciting toppings that come with ordering a burger at Krug’s, as a matter of fact you can get bacon and you can get cheese.

You’ll need plenty of napkins to bite into a Krug’s burger. The way they cook the burger and serve it up makes Krug’s a must see destination for our guy Guy.

Village Donuts

Head down Cassville Rd. in Jackson, NJ, and smell Village Donuts because it’s such a small building you may drive right passed it. Once you find it, you’ll be in donut and carb Shangri-La.

The homemade donuts and pastries are on display, and they are fresh.

Trust me, you can’t eat your donuts inside Village Donuts because you won’t be able to fit out the door.

They have special seasonal donuts and pastries and it’s worth a trip from Guy.

Missy’s Main Street Cafe

On Main Street in Rockaway, NJ is a great diner that serves breakfast and lunch. Missy’s Main Street Cafe doesn’t use the word comfort but after checking out their menu items that’s exactly what it is.

They’re made to order meals drip of comfort and fresh ingredients. Everything looks like it’s part of a phot spread in a foodie magazine.

Guy will enjoy Missy’s Main Street Cafe but chances are so will I before he gets there.

Hudson Café’

There is a café in Atlantic Highlands, NJ that is one of my favorites. The Hudson Café is owned by Chef Ryan Strubbe and his very talented wife Michelle. With Ryan’s signature breakfast and lunch entrees and Michelle’s outstanding bakery goods the Hudson Café’ is a complete homerun.

I love the turkey chili, the banana bread French toast will make you cry and for lunch, a burger is not just a burger, there are so many great items on the menu.

While the Hudson Café’ does not fulfill the criteria for a drive or drive-thru I believe they could get by as a glorified and outstanding diner.

I’ll see you there, and Guy, you need to get there.


Lucille’s Luncheonette

Lucille’s Luncheonette bills themselves as country cooking in the Jersey Pines. By the looks of their menu and how it’s presented, this has Guy Fieri all over it. Reviewers rave about the quality and hominess of the luncheonette with a praise for the food and warm atmosphere.

Lucille and her husband Jim opened the restaurant in 1975 and it became a must-stop for those heading south to vacation in the summer and a place for locals to get home cooking without the effort.

Chef Anthony Bourdain paid a visit to Lucille’s, Guy Fieri should be next.

It’s Nutts

In our New Jersey 101.5 survey many recommended It’s Nutts in Titusville, NJ. The restaurant is a place where Guy Fieri needs to go.

With so many specialties including their homemade fried chicken, a blackened crab cake Caesar salad, tomato pie, homemade ice cream, homemade milkshakes, It’s Nutts wreaks of Guy Fieri and me too. It’s a diner menu that has some great homemade items that I would love to try.

The Anchor Inn

Nestled in the small town of Ocean Gate, New Jersey is a gem of a tavern/inn that serves specials every day with outstanding food and great service.

The Anchor Inn (Via Google Maps)
The Anchor Inn (Via Google Maps)

They serve an outstanding Jersey pizza from a special dough recipe that goes back to 1965. The specials are handwritten and posted, which ensures that each dish is as fresh as it could be.

The Anchor Inn is a big part of the fabric of Ocean Gate and remains committed to serving great food and their community. Guy would be impressed and so am I. Everybody needs to make a stop at this awesome restaurant.


Shut up and Eat!

Shut Up and Eat! Is on Main Street in Toms River, NJ and has been voted the best breakfast in Ocean County by the readers of the Asbury Park Press for many years. Taking a peak at their menu the choices are many and they look delicious.

Shut Up and Eat! Has close to 10,000 followers and has received many excellent reviews.

Guy needs to take a trip to Toms River and check out this favorite resident of Ocean County.

Come to think of it, so do I.


The Village Pub

The Village Pub is in Tabernacle, NJ and is very deceiving.

From the outside and the tavern-esque décor inside you would think that The Village Pub serves hard-boiled eggs in a jar and pretzels. You would be so wrong! The Village Pub serves outstanding entrées for lunch and dinner.

They are open until midnight too! To give you an idea of one of their specials, they served a veal tortellini served with their homemade marinara sauce with chopped broccoli rabe and artichoke hearts.

They also served a special steak and a salmon dish that looked great. Guy should make a trip and wow his audience at the magic of the Village Pub.

There are many more of your suggestions, but these are some of the ones that you highly recommended. Remember we were looking for restaurants that would be a good fit for his Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.

Many of the suggested restaurants don’t fit that criteria Thanks so much for your suggestions and take the time to support these great places, who knows, maybe you’ll bump into Guy Fieri.

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