It's always the ongoing joke here in New Jersey. If you're the last one to leave, please turn out the lights.

That statement should actually be on the signs when you're leaving the state. Not only will it give drivers a reason to chuckle, but it'll also let those in The Garden State laugh at themselves for still allowing the lights to remain on.

Remain on because we're still here. New Jersey, after all, is the most densely populated state in the Nation. But that doesn't mean we're not trying to escape.

It's no surprise that New Jerseyans are moving out of the state in large numbers. But what's surprising is where we're apparently moving to.

When you pack up and leave, is Louisiana one of the states you're considering? Apparently, the folks in Louisiana are taking notice of our rather large arrival rates.


A recent survey was released specifically looking at the population growth of Louisiana. Normally, this would be of no interest here in New Jersey.

That is until it was confirmed New Jersey is one of the key locations contributing to The Pelican State's population growth. Yes, many in The Garden State are moving south, but Louisiana?

Here's a look at that survey, including where New Jersey lands on that list. The number one move-in state makes sense, but New Jersey? Not so much.

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NJ to LA - But Why?

Seems like an odd choice for those in The Garden State, but many of us seem to want Louisiana as our new home. Texas makes sense as the number one state, but to see New Jersey at number 11 on this list is a bit of a head-scratcher.

It certainly would be a very different lifestyle but to each their own. If it's a place you're considering moving to, just know many of your fellow neighbors are also thinking the same thing.

And if you're considering Louisiana for your retirement home, the amount of money you'll need to save isn't nearly as bad as it is in the Garden State. In fact, most states across the country aren't as bad as us.

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The above post reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 Sunday morning host Mike Brant. Any opinions expressed are his own.

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