☕ Woman said she suffered serious burns in a hot tea spill in Roxbury

☕ Claims lid was not secure

☕ Another man said he was burned at the same drive-thru

ROXBURY — A Kenvil woman is seeing a plastic surgeon after a hot spill at McDonald's left her legs scarred and discolored, according to her attorney.

A full cup of scalding tea spilled onto Stacey Crisman's legs at the McDonald's drive-thru on Route 10 in Roxbury, according to a lawsuit filed earlier this month in Morris County Superior Court.

Howard Lesnik, Crisman's attorney, said she still remembers the "scalding, searing pain" two years after the spill on Jan. 13, 2022.

The skin on her upper thighs has spots and scarring. It's discolored, leathery, and sensitive, according to Lesnik.

McDonald's on Route 10 in Roxbury (Google Maps)
McDonald's on Route 10 in Roxbury (Google Maps)

Crisman met with a plastic surgeon right after the spill and then went back for a follow-up appointment this past December when her scars stopped healing, Lesnik said. She plans to go back to plan ways to fix the scarring and discoloration.

Claims lid was not secure

According to the lawsuit, the lid on the 16-ounce cup was not secured when she was handed the drink by an employee.

Another New Jersey woman blamed an unsecured lid for a hot tea spill at a McDonald's drive-thru in East Orange. According to the lawsuit filed last April, she suffered serious burns and her husband was deprived of her "services and companionship."

At least three other lawsuits were filed last year by New Jersey residents against McDonald's for hot spills.

Burned at the same drive-thru

Lesnik said that since the lawsuit was filed, a man has reached out to the attorney claiming he was burned at the same drive-thru in Roxbury.

McDonald's drive-thru (AP Photo/Nati Harnik)
McDonald's drive-thru (AP Photo/Nati Harnik)

The man was burned by a hot spill a few weeks before Crisman, according to Lesnik.

However, the timing of the spill falls outside of the two-year window for the statute of limitations so the man cannot file his own lawsuit.

Instead, the man has volunteered to testify at a potential civil trial for Crisman if needed, Lesnik said.

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