Nobody likes having to be treated at the hospital, but life happens. Sometimes, there's no other choice. That's why it's never fun to hear that the hospital nearest you wasn't rated well.

Here in New Jersey, we get made fun of a lot. The rest of the country can make jokes about a lot of NJ's quirks, but two things they can't make fun of is the quality of education here in the Garden State and our healthcare.

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Usually, New Jersey ranks pretty well when measured up against any other state in the US. Of course, there are times when the clinics and hospitals won't come in at number one. Most of the time, the healthcare facilities in the Garden State are ranked pretty high.

NJ hospitals' patient safety rating

A hospital's patient safety rating refers to an assessment of how well the hospital protects its patients from harm and medical errors during their stay. They're based on various factors such as infection rates, surgical errors, medication errors, and overall patient experiences, among other things.

Organizations like the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), as well as private entities like Leapfrog Group and Consumer Reports, often publish hospital safety ratings based on data analysis and surveys. These ratings can help patients and healthcare professionals make informed decisions about where to seek or provide care.

Unfortunately, two hospitals received a mediocre rating from the Leapfrog Safety Grading system for 2024.


2 South Jersey hospitals receive 'C' patient safety rating

For the people living in the southernmost part of NJ, it was unfortunate to hear about two hospitals that didn't receive the best reviews.

The first is Virtua Mount Holly Hospital. Formerly known as Virtua Memorial, it's located on Madison Avenue in Mount Holly, Burlington County. Looking at the hospital's full score, it seems improvement can be made in terms of infections and dangerous objects being left in the patient after surgery.


Cooper University Hospital in Camden also received a 'C'. Apparently, this hospital has had to deal with its fair share of MRSA and Sepsis infections.

It's of the utmost importance that you feel secure about where you choose to receive medical care. To check out all of NJ's hospital safety ratings, click HERE.

These hospitals are supposed to be some of the safest in the whole state:

The 33 Safest Hospitals Across New Jersey

According to, these hospitals across New Jersey have attained an 'A' rating from the independent watchdog group Leapfrog in regard to safety.

Gallery Credit: Buehler

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