Get ready Jersey City, the premium and popular New York Fries will open in Newport Centre this week.

New York Fries is a restaurant that serves classic and interesting toppings for their fresh cut Idaho potato French fries. From chili to loaded with pulled pork, cheese, and bacon bits along with other delicacies that will elevate your French fry experience.

What adds to the quality taste of the fries is that they are cooked in a vat of non-hydrogenated sunflower oil. Every French fry and hot dog ticket is cooked to order and the French Fries are the only product that cooked in oil. As a result of this process the fries have an appeal to vegans or others who experience food allergies.

New York Fries also serves all beef hot dogs with toppings that make your hot dog quite tasty.

New York Fries is a Canadian based company that operates under the Recipe Restaurant Group. The Recipe Restaurant Group has been in business since 1883 and is Canada’s largest full-service restaurant company.

They own hundreds of other restaurants and restaurant groups in and around Canada.

With New York Fries they have opened 110 restaurants in Canada, 20 restaurants in the Middle East and now have 3 restaurants here in the states. Plans are almost complete for a New York Fries opening in the Smith Haven Mall in Lake Grove, New York.

The concept sounds great, you cannot go wrong with a good batch of French fries and an all-beef hot dog.

Load up the fries and add your favorite toppings to that hot dog. New York Fries just made it to New Jersey.

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