Let me settle the debate once and for all.

Yes, there is a North Jersey and a South Jersey. Yes, they are very different.

When North Jersey folks go to "the city," they are headed into Manhattan.

Emiliano Bar via Unsplash
Emiliano Bar via Unsplash

When South Jersey goes to "the city," it's Philadelphia, and most just say they're headed to "Philly."

Charl Folscher via Unsplash
Charl Folscher via Unsplash

The question has always been, where do you draw the line?

Conventional wisdom has the line at Route 195. The problem, of course, is using that line, that puts Allentown, New Jersey, and Vineland in the same South Jersey region.

It also puts Asbury Park and Ridgewood in the same North Jersey region. Ridiculous.

Let me clear up the confusion.

The Northern part of the state does start north of 195 and the southern portion south of 195. But true South Jerseyans know that real South Jersey starts if you draw a line East to West from Burlington to Plumsted.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Of course, once that line hits Lake Hurst in the Manchester/Toms River area, you're no longer in South Jersey, nor are you in Central Jersey.

That's the start of the "Jersey Shore" region.

I would put Lakewood, Holmdel, and Howell as border towns with most identifying as part of the "Shore region".

Google Maps
Google Maps

A caller weighed in to say that according to the NJ DOT, Central Jersey goes as far north as Phillipsburg. I think that's certainly a stretch.

What's interesting is New Jersey has always been divided into regions.

If we go back a couple of hundred years, NJ was divided between east and west from 1676 until the province was united in 1702 under one governor as a royal colony in the British Empire.

So which section of the Garden State do you call home? And do you agree with my assessment?

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