No, it’s not shocking that weddings are ridiculously expensive. You’d be living under a rock to not know that.

It’s just how far beyond ridiculous it has now become to afford even an average wedding in the state of New Jersey.

You may need a drink when we tell you these new figures just released by the prominent wedding planning site

So, for that drink will that be cash bar or open bar? Just one of a thousand decisions a couple makes when planning a wedding, Unfortunately, these thousand decisions are too often influenced by the emotion of the day.

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Guests Throwing Confetti Over Bride And Groom At Wedding

It isn’t always the woman who dreamed of being a princess since being a little girl who wants that over the top day where she can finally act like one. One study some years back showed men are now twice as likely to want a big, expensive wedding than women.

For as much as everyone tries to outdo each other and one-up each other when it comes to weddings, with strolling jugglers and live doves and other assorted nonsense, it comes down to a party. It is a one-evening party that you may be paying for for many years if you’re not careful.

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So how much is a New Jersey wedding now costing? broke it down state by state for the average cost of a wedding.

An average New Jersey wedding now costs $55,000.

Keep in mind that’s just the average wedding. You can fall into the trap of paying far more. The farther north you go in the state the more you’ll pay.


Also, we are the highest in the country. Sure, you’ll pay more in New York City, but comparing states to states, nowhere is it more expensive than New Jersey.

Just elope for crying out loud. Use the money to afford a too-expensive New Jersey home.

Here’s the state-by-state breakdown.

Photo by Jeremy Wong Weddings on Unsplash
Photo by Jeremy Wong Weddings on Unsplash

Alabama: $34,000
Alaska: Unavailable
Arizona: $32,000
Arkansas: $25,000
California: $41,000
Colorado: $34,000
Connecticut: $44,000
Delaware: $39,000
DC: $42,000
Florida: $34,000

ThinkStock via Getty Images
ThinkStock via Getty Images

Georgia: $30,000
Hawaii: Unavailable
Idaho: $20,000
Illinois: $39,000
Indiana: $26,000
Iowa: $24,000
Kansas: $25,000
Kentucky: $20,000
Louisiana: $37,000
Maine: $44,000

Bride and groom figurines standing on two separated slices of wedding cake
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Maryland: $39,000
Massachusetts: $42,000
Michigan: $29,000
Minnesota: $31,000
Mississippi: $33,000
Missouri: $27,000
Montana: $20,000
Nebraska: $22,000
Nevada: $21,000
New Hampshire: $44,000

TSM Illustration
TSM Illustration

New Jersey: $55,000 
New Mexico: $26,000
New York: $49,000
North Carolina: $31,000
North Dakota: $22,000
Ohio: $30,000
Oklahoma: $25,000
Oregon: $30,000
Pennsylvania: $38,000
Rhode Island: $44,000
South Carolina: $39,000

Carlo Buttinoni via Unsplash
Carlo Buttinoni via Unsplash

South Dakota: $23,000
Tennessee: $28,000
Texas: $32,000
Utah: $17,000
Vermont: $44,000
Virginia: $38,000
Washington: $30,000
West Virginia: $36,000
Wisconsin: $29,000
Wyoming: $26,000

Happy bride and groom on their wedding hugging

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