So there's no two ways about it, Jersey can get pretty creative with our burger options.

I'm a big fan of Burger 25 in Toms River, as well as LBI.

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It's a great local burger spot that has some truly unique sandwiches like the Mac Daddy which is an Angus burger topped with bacon, BBQ, mac and cheese, and a secret sauce.

Freddy's is also a popular spot to grab a burger in Ocean County, their big thing is serving up steakburgers.

They're a little thinner than your average burger but there's usually two stacked up on a sandwich.

Where Can You Find The Biggest Burgers In New Jersey?

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This place is no joke when it comes to massive mouth-watering burgers, and the best part is that you can find them right near the Jersey Shore.

Tony Beef's is a family-owned burger stand in Galloway New Jersey, and when you get a burger from them you'll have some serious decisions to make, according to Only In Your State.

First, you'll have to decide what size burger you want; a mini (1 patty) a regular (2 patties), or if you want if you think you can handle it there's the colossal burger (3 patties).

After that, you'll have to choose what burger you want and there are some seriously crazy choices.

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The Crispy Texas features fried onion straws, cheddar cheese, bacon, and BBQ sauce, and it's piled high on Texas Toast.

Or if you'd prefer you can try the French Onion Burger which features provolone, a grilled cheese bun, grilled onion, garlic aioli, and a side of Au Jus because you have to dip!

And if you're a pepperoni lover like I am, you'll want to try their pizza burger because this looks like perfection.

Oh and if you're curious about how they got the name Tony Beef, apparently the owner's father Tony always wanted to be a butcher, so as a way to honor him they named the restaurant after him.

Located at 195 South New York Road, Tony Beef's is a must-visit for burger lovers in Jersey.

By the way, if you're looking for really good wings, you can find those in Jersey too.

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