Is there anything more classic than a real New Jersey deli? Outside of many visiting an iconic Jersey Diner?

When I think of a real New Jersey Deli I think of some small hole-in-the-wall kind of place that's been owned by the same family for decades and is a pillar in their community.

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The kind of place where you can go and the guy or gal behind the counter knows your name and chats with you while you order some cold cuts, a sub, or a breakfast sandwich.

What really sets Jersey Deli's apart from other places though is without a doubt the quality of the food they serve.

For example, Lennys in Toms River has some out-of-this-world subs and rumor has it their breakfast sandwiches are some of the best in Ocean County.

Another deli classic has to be the pastrami sandwich.

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I don't know what it is about some pastrami piled high on some rye bread that makes you go crazy over how good it tastes, but you do.

What New Jersey Deli Has The Best Pastrami Sandwich In The State?

It's a place that's been family-owned and operated since before you were born, according to their website but in reality, they opened in 1962.

To this day it's still a family-owned institution in the heart of Newark.

Tasting Tables claims that Hobby's Deli makes one of the biggest most delicious pastrami sandwiches not just in Jersey but in the entire country!

Hobby's pastrami is available in two choices; you can go with the classic pastrami sandwich on rye or get the #1 which is paired with turkey, corned beef, slaw, and some Russian dressing.

Either way, you can't go wrong, located at 32 Branford Place in Newark this place is worth the drive.

By the way, Jersey is home to tons of amazing sandwich shops you have to try.

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