Are you ready for summer? Most of us are counting down the days. Is there anything better than a summer spent in the Wildwoods? A lot of people would respond to that question with a resounding "no." Without any hesitation, too, I might add.

Memorial Day is right around the corner! Pretty soon, we'll all be hitting up our favorite seasonal Wildwood hangs.

New Wildwood restaurants opening in summer 2024

There are a BUNCH of new spots tourists and locals alike will surely be checking out in the Wildwoods in summer 2024. The boardwalk's new Honky Tonk Saloon will be opening up this summer. We'll also get the chance to experience the newest location of "The Point." It'll be right across the street from Honky Tonk, but with a totally different feel.

If Toby Keith represents everything about Honky Tonk, then Jimmy Buffet represents The Point's vibe. Going up on Ocean Ave, it'll be taking the place of what was once the Ocean Sands Motel. This will be The Point's 3rd location, with the other two in Sea Isle and Somers Point (the OG).

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They recently shared an update on their construction status to Facebook. It looks like things are coming along! The pictures show that they're holding true to the tiki bar vibe. Except a few Easter Island heads thrown into the decor. We're totally here for it, by the way.

If you're wondering when you can expect to first try the place out, well there's never a way to 100% guarantee that until all the work is done. In the comments, they said that they're shooting for a May 21st opening day. Obviously, everything would have to go according to plan for that to happen.

Hopefully, it does. We'll see!

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