Let's pretend here for a second; if you woke up in Jersey one morning and all heck was breaking loose how safe would you feel in the Garden State?

Depending on what part of Jersey you call home you may feel perfectly safe especially if you're in some of our more 'rural' areas, despite this Jersey is still a state that is one of the most at risk if there is a nuclear attack.

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Now, I want to be clear, there is no cause for alarm nor are there any bombs falling from the sky. But when I see two places in Jersey make a list of the most at-risk cities for nuclear attack I have to know more.

Why Would Cities In Jersey Be Targeted For An Attack?

You may be hearing that little voice in your head right now asking "Well why would anyone want to attack a city in New Jersey?"

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Mainly it's due to our key location.

According to MSN, our location right between New York City and Philadelphia would work against us in the case of nuclear attacks.

It's also one of the most densely populated areas in the Country which would cause a lot of chaos should something happen.

What Cities Would Most Likely Be Under Attack?

Cities like San Francisco, Chicago, and Houston made MSN's list of  15 US cities that would be targeted for a nuclear attack, as well as two in Jersey.

Newark and Jersey City are Jersey's most likely targets for a nuclear attack and that's mainly becasue they are a very short ride from New York.

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Nuclear war would be the worst thing possible and fortunately, it's not super likely in our future however it's always interesting to look at.

In fact, these are the 15 cities most at risk if nuclear war were to break out.

15 Cities Most Likely Targeted During a Nuclear Attack

Nothing to worry about, but experts say these U.S. cities would be most likely to be attacked if America was the victim of a nuclear attack.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

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