OMG, how stinking cute is this little guy?  Imagine driving on Routh 35 to get to work and you see this on the road!  Literally, my heart is exploding she is so cute, like a living cartoon!  In my opinion, if you get stopped in traffic because there's a baby seal delay that's a win.

I’m so happy everyone put their rush on hold to allow this super-sweet grey seal pup to cross the road.  Brick Township police gave him a hand (or really a flipper) to help him get back to safety. 

That really is the coolest excuse for being late to work ever. “I’m sorry I’m late for the budget meeting, I had to help a baby seal get out of the road.” You are out of the dog house and even a hero.

The Brick Township police department posted all about the pup’s “adventure” on their Facebook page.  The important thing is the police stopped down traffic and allowed the animal to do it’s thing and cross without someone like me saying “awwwww” and picking it up and giving it a squeezy hug.  In case you didn’t know wild animals don’t like that sort of thing. 

Why Route 35?  If you think about it, it's really close to Barnegat Bay and the ocean too for that matter. Ultimately the doe-eyed pup was taken to the center in Brigantine.  I love a happy ending!

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