Wendy Williams is back! Well, she will be in the fall. In fact, she was just spotted filming in our backyard in Asbury Park.

At first, I was confused by the filming aspect of this because we all know her talk show is no more. However, there is most definitely going to be a video component to the social media promotion of her upcoming podcast, The Wendy Experience.

Here are some photos of her recent appearance in Asbury Park, which by the way is where she was born.

Wendy is 58 years old and is suffering from a bunch of medical obstacles like lymphedema and Graves’ disease. In addition, she has been dealing with personal issues with her ex-husband and his infidelity resulting in a child. Broken-hearted and embattled, Wendy is a fighter if I’ve ever seen one. She is putting herself out there and she promises to come back better than ever.

I want a success story for her. Producers felt they had no choice but to part ways with the star on her own show and that would have stopped anyone else. Wendy is getting it together after being put through the wringer and will hopefully rise again.

I just hope everyone around her is helping and not hurting. When I watched the documentary Wendy Williams: What A Mess I felt horrible. I wanted to be that friend that told the cameras to go away. Not forever, because she loves a good camera but just until her pain dissipated more. She was so raw and open in those painful moments of her marriage falling apart that it just felt unsafe for her to offer up that much.

I hope Wendy is rested and not putting herself through too much to prove her haters wrong. At the end of the day, she has nothing to prove as far as I'm concerned, she did it all. How many of us have a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame?

Wendy Williams Honored With Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame
Getty Images

That said, if it is in her best interest, I want her back via TV, podcast, radio or however we can get her. Keep getting stronger girl, we can't wait for you to take over the world...again!

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