You know how much I love to drive around with my family and look at Christmas lights. I look forward to it every year and this year is no exception. I love it.

This house is in Brick and you will love it.

Casqueira Holiday Light Show Facebook Page
Casqueira Holiday Light Show Facebook Page

I love when neighborhoods come together and decorate together.

Casqueira Holiday Light Show Facebook Page
Casqueira Holiday Light Show Facebook Page

It's the Casqueira Holiday Light Show. It's more like a Christmas event happening every night. The Casqueira Holiday Light Show is located at 843 Downey Avenue in Brick. They also raise funds for a great cause. The lights are on daily from 5 pm - 10 pm.

There are donation boxes in front of their house for collecting funds for a local non-profit ABC (Animal Birth Control). ABC is an all-volunteer 501c3 located in Brick.

There is also a giant Santa mailbox for letters to be sent to the North Pole on their property. Over 100,000 sparkling lights dancing to Christmas Carols.

This house brings so much joy to the neighborhood and surrounding areas. We always visit this house, they do an amazing job.

We love driving around different neighborhoods and looking at Christmas lights. Bring snacks and grab some hot chocolate. All ages will love this and make sure to bring the four-legged friends, also. They love the Christmas lights.

Our neighbors and communities spend hours putting Christmas lights out in front of their house and they love positive feedback. I appreciate everyone's hard work so much.

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