Looks like we could see a taste of Old Man Winter coming up late tonight and into our Tuesday. Depending on where you live you could see more in the way of snow, but it does look like a snow event for New Jersey. Possibly 1-3 inches of powdery snow could fall.


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It looks like snow will develop here in the Garden State late tonight and continue into Tuesday morning, on average a possibility of 1-3 inches with maybe some areas of northwest New Jersey seeing 2-4 inches before all is said and done.


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Here at the Jersey Shore, we could see a bit of ice mixed in with the snow and maybe some rain before it ends sometime during Tuesday. Regardless of how it all pans out, give yourself extra traveling time on Tuesday. Of course, be sure to check area closings, cancellations, and delays.


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Stay with us for the latest weather and Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow's forecast. It may be a bit early but there is another chance of wintry weather for the Garden State by Friday heading into the weekend. We will keep you up to date with weather and traffic.


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We could see slippery road conditions come Tuesday, we start with Jersey Shore Traffic Watch on Tuesday at 6:15 am. Chris Maget will have your latest road conditions throughout the morning on Tuesday.


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