Pickleball excitement continues to grow across the country and in New Jersey it is no different. People of all ages and skill levels are joining leagues and playing on courts throughout the state.

Although there are many outdoor locations, there aren’t as many indoor pickleball courts in New Jersey. However, according to NJ.com, more indoor courts are coming soon. This is welcoming news, especially since some people are fed up with the expansion of pickleball being played outside. They are apparently upset over how much noise the courts bring.

According to the article, Entrepreneur Sam Sood has teamed up with Arizona based company Pickleball Kingdom as part of a new franchising deal here in New Jersey.

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No date has officially been set, but there’s talk that two spots could be coming to Central Jersey before the start of summer.

I even got in on the action when my friends formed an outdoor pickleball league, this past summer, after a new court was built in my town. It took a little time to get used to the rules, especially “the kitchen,” but after playing for a couple of months, I’m now hooked! By the way, “the kitchen” is the area on each side of the net. However, with the weather getting colder, unfortunately our league has come to an end and I’ve been looking for an indoor court.

This is such great news to those who are looking to bring the excitement indoors. Purchase your paddles now so you’re ready to go!

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