Slap Burger Is One of the Hottest Burger Joints In New Jersey

Have you heard of Slap Burger? I did not, until now and I'm finding out this is one of the hottest burger joints in New Jersey. Folks are even driving hours just to try out this burger spot in Passaic County. According to an article from, "Where are you guys coming from? How did you hear about us?’” Owner Hazem Asad told NJ Advance Media last week. “They’re like, ‘We drove from two hours away, we came from four hours away, my kid dragged me here because he saw you on TikTok."



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People are heading to Slap Burger for their unique burger style. Reviewers say you have to try their "smash burger" with their special "Slap Sauce". They also feature Nashville Hot Chicken sandwiches. "Slap Sauce" is described as unique and featuring a different kinda kick with hints of paprika. Intriguing sauce they say makes Slap Burger stand out.



Slapburgersanj via Instagram     One thing you need to keep in mind is that when you have a popular business, it means they are busy and with that, there can be delays. Slap Burger has some waiting time so don't be in a rush if you are heading to Paterson to check out the "slap sauce".   Don't forget to quench that thirst with their "Slapping Lemonade" which comes in several flavors like Dragon Fruit Lemonade, Blue Curaçao Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, and Raspberry Lemonade.      

Slapburgersnj via Instagram


Slap Burgers is located at 127 Crooks Ave, Paterson, NJ 07503


If you have tried "slap sauce" give us your review and let us know what you thought?


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