Galloway Township Police say they acted on complaints from the community when they arrested four people on drug possession and distribution and firearms charges.

Galloway Twp Police Arrest Four for Dealing Drugs

Police in Galloway Township say Monday and Tuesday's searches of suspected drug houses and the arrests of four people were in response to complaints and tips  from residents

“The Galloway Township Police Department would like to thank the concerned members of the public for providing these tips to law enforcement”, said Chief Richard Barber.

Sahmad Greene Arrested on Monday

In a Facebook post, Galloway Township Police said they arrested Sahmad Greene, 28, of Galloway Twp on Monday at a home on Liberty Court where they found drugs, a handgun with a high capacity magazine, cash, and a vehicle with more drugs inside.

Police arrested Greene on various drug and gun charges as well as a charge of endangering a child.

More Arrests Made on Tuesday

Tuesday, police searched two homes in the South Egg Harbor neighborhood of the township.

In the 600 block of Simms Ave, police found two fugitives wanted in Atlantic County: Briana Torres, 29, of Galloway, and Jeffrey Anderson, 29. of Galloway, and a quantity of narcotics in their home.

Police also found drugs, a 12 gauge shotgun, and a high-capacity magazine at a home in the 600 block of South Philadelphia Ave. Steven K. McKenny, 52, of Galloway Twp was arrested on various drug and weapon charges.

All four suspects are being kept in the Atlantic County jail.

Galloway Police Ask for Continued Help From Community

Galloway Twp Police Chief Richard Barber asked residents for continued support fighting drugs in their neighborhood.

“Working together to help fight the opioid crisis and prevent violent crime, we can continue to make our community a safe place for our families, friends, and children.”
You can report a crime tip to the Galloway Township Police Department at 609-652-3705.

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