There's a TikTok video making the rounds that's garnering the attention of parents everywhere. If you have young kids, you understand how expensive it could be to buy clothes.

It seems as though the kids grow out of them almost as soon as you get them home.

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How To Save Big on Kids' Clothing

One parent, a woman by the name of Jazmine Valdivia, has found a way to save.

@jazminevaldiviaxo If youre a mom & shop Cat & Jack at Target …This is for you 😍 Their 1 year warranty works!! #catandjacktarget #catandjackwarranty #catandjackkids #targetlovers #targetshopping #foryou #momblogger ♬ original sound - Jazminevaldivia

Target is a giant retailer with locations throughout the country and is popular among parents looking for quality clothing at affordable prices.

Unusual Return Policy

Target offers an unusually liberal return policy on its Cat & Jack line of clothing.  This policy allows returns of items for up to a year.

Some parents, including Jazmine, have taken advantage of this policy to return clothing that their kids have outgrown- even damaged clothing.

You have to wonder why a company would continue to allow a policy that so many people take advantage of.

How are they supposed to make money?

How Can Target Do This?

According to a report on Business Insider the company sells over 300 million items of its own brand of children's clothing.

The number of returns may seem large but in reality, they reflect a very small percentage of their sales.

They appear to view this phenomenon as the cost of doing business in a lucrative sector.

Parents are using Target's unusually generous returns policy to exchange outgrown or worn-out Cat & Jack kids clothes for cash (

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